Twins Struggles

As the Twins have lost two in a row to the Marlins, who are arguably the worst team in the league. In both games the Twins blew the lead after starting off with the lead. As the Twins are in the middle of the league in most of the major categories they need to make some changes.

I think they need to trade Justin Morneau. The power numbers have not been there for the Canadian first basemen. Although he is leading the team in RBIs he only has 3 HRs. The power numbers have not come around, so I think the Twins need to dump him to a contender for a prospect or two. Another thing is pitching. Despite Kevin Correia’s good season the rest of the rotation has been a disappointment. Vance Worley, the Opening Day starter for the Twins, has been called down to Double-A. I do not know if any team will take Worley, but he is young and he has had a good season or two with the Phillies before he came over in the Ben Revere trade. Surprisingly with all the problems they have, the Twins’ record is not bad for where they have been for the last couple of years.



I have been receiving some requests to give my opinions on Robert Griffin III and his knee. Me being a huge Adrian Peterson, who had the same surgery, I had to give my opinion.
I feel is that Robert Griffin III will not have great season this year. First off, he has already had this surgery before which could put more wear and tear on his knee than the surgery alone would. I also think his ability to cut and turn will be deeply effected, which is a large part of the Redskins option offense. The main reason though I think he will not have a good year is I do not think he is “All in For Week 1” as his Adidas commercials suggest he is. I do not think he will put in enough work to return to the shape he was in this year.
Finally, I have heard analysts on ESPN and other sports networks say if Adrian Peterson can do it so can RG3. I disagree with that, but in conclusion I think that Robert Griffin III will not put in enough work to be the Pro Bowler that he was last season for the Redskins.

My New Schedule

It has been over 3 years since I started this blog. And since I moved to Texas I have been inconsistent in posting on the website. Now I have a new schedule. On the weekends I am going to post on Baseball and in the middle of the week, Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday, I will post about football. I hope you read and visit my site regularly.

LeBron James’ Contract

I know it is not the end of the season, and LeBron James’ contract does not expire until 2014 but I have gotten requests to give my opinions on what might happen to LeBron James after his contract expires.

There are always rumors around for someone who is as polarizing as LeBron James. The first rumor is LeBron leaving Miami. The rumor is that he will leave the Miami Heat and go back to the Cleveland Cavaliers where he was born and raised, as well as where he started his NBA career. You know what I think about this rumor, well it is just that, a rumor. In my opinion I think there is no chance that this will happen. Can I ask you this? Why would LeBron leave the Heat if he is winning championships? Especially when most of his critics are critics because of the number of championships he has. I think the the only way he would ever consider leaving for the Cavs if they signed Dwight Howard in the off-season. My best bet is LeBron stays with the Heat. The main reason is, Dwayne Wade. He and LeBron James are very close, and I do not think LeBron would want to have to learn how to play with different players than he is used to.

The next rumor I am going to talk about is a contract rumor. A couple of weeks ago I saw ESPN talking about this same topic. They said there is a possibility that the Miami Heat would pay LeBron 75 million dollars a year to stay with them. That is right, I said 75 million dollars PER YEAR to keep the Heat uniform on LeBron James every game. Now, I think this is outrageous. How will the Heat be able to muster up 75 million dollars in cap space to spend on only one player. Now do not get me wrong, if anyone deserves 75 million dollars a year it is LeBron James, but there is not just one player on a team. Especially when you also have a player like Dwayne Wade. Overall I see this unlikely as well.

What do I think will happen to LeBron? I think he will resign with the Heat for around 25 million dollars per year. He is currently making only 17.5 million dollars per year, which is probably less than he deserves, so I think he will cash in on his new contract. How do I think the Heat will accommodate for this cap space hit? I think the Heat will try to restructure Chris Bosh’s contract, who has become more of a back-up option to James and Wade. Bosh is currently making 14.5 million dollars a year. That is what I think will happen to LeBron James.

Percy Harvin’s Future

We are close approaching the date when NFL teams can sign free agents. And today I am going to discuss what I think the Vikings should do with Percy Harvin, who has one year left on his contract.

There have been many trade rumors involving Harvin, but most likely none of them are going to happen. The first one I am going to talk about is Percy Harvin for Larry Fitzgerald. This trade is probably the least likely of the trades I am going to tell you about today. First things first is both of the players contracts. The Vikings might not have the cash to pay Larry Fitzgerald’s monster contract. If you think about from the Cardinals perspective, it would not work either. As I said earlier Percy Harvin has one year on his contract and if the Cardinals were to trade for him they would have to get him to agree to a long term contract. If we are being realistic, what wide receiver would want to have John Skelton throwing to him every Sunday?  And I get the feeling the Cardinals are not wanting to get rid of Fitzgerald.  So all in all, a very unlikely trade.

Now I am going to talk about another trade that is more likely, but still not plausible. I am talking about the Percy Harvin for Wes Welker deal. If you look on paper, these two wide receivers look very similar, but if you watch them you would realize they are not. Percy Harvin can play running back as well as wide receiver. And Harvin is much more physical than Welker. Plus Harvin is much younger than Welker. The other problem is the contracts. Welker’s contract has already expired so they need to sign him before they could trade him. So this trade is unlikely as well.

The situations I think is the most reasonable is that the Vikings trade Harvin for a couple of draft picks and signing a free agent in the off-season. Now, there are three big candidates for the Vikings to sign. The first is Wes Welker. I already talked about the Vikings trading for him, but it is possible that the Patriots would let Welker go and make him a free agent. The second guy the Vikings could sign is the former Rams receiver, Danny Amendola. He is very similar to Welker because of his small build and good hands. But I do not think he or Welker would be a good fit in the Vikings offense. The final receiver the Vikings could sign is Greg Jennings. In my opinion the former Packer would make the best fit for replacing Harvin, other than Harvin himself.

What I want to happen is for the Vikings to sign Harvin and Jennings to long term deals to give young quarterback Christian Ponder some options to throw to.

One of the things the Vikings have is options. They could do anything they want to and nobody knows what they will do. We will just have to wait and see.

Final Four Predictions

With Selection Sunday right around the corner I thought I would give my predictions for who will go to the final four.

I think that the front runner going into the tournament is Duke. They are on a hot streak right now. Even if they are not going to win the ACC they still have not lost with Forward Ryan Kelly. In my opinion they will be the best team that advances to the Final Four.

Another ranked team that I think will advance to the Final Four is Oklahoma St. I know they have not gotten much attention and are under the radar, but they have been playing really good basketball lately. Especially player of the year candidate, Marcus Smart.

The third team that I think will make it to the semi-final game is Michigan St. There is something about them that just strikes me as a team that can go all the way. No matter how many times they lose they always seem to bounce back, and I think that resiliency can take them all the way.

The final team I think will make it to the Final Four is Kansas. They have Ben Mclemore, a player of the year candidate and Jeff Withey who has the defensive player of the year award locked up. They just lost to Baylor, and with that loss they do not clinch a outright Big 12 Championship. I think Kansas will play a lot better after that loss and be motivated to make it back to where they where last year.

I have just told you my picks for the final four this year. If you are wondering, “But who does he think will make the National Championship game? And who will win that game?” Well, the answer is I do not know. I can envision all of these teams making and winning the national championship game. Another determining factor is what region all of these teams are in, because if two of these teams are in the same region one will have to go through to advance to the final four. But who really knows? Every year there is one Cinderella team that can make and win the big game.

Hank’s AL Playoff Picks

The Playoffs are right around the corner, and I’m going to make my picks. First, I think the Orioles and A’s will be the Wild Card teams. Even though they aren’t officially eliminated from winning their divisions, I don’t think the A’s can beat the Rangers, and the Orioles aren’t going to beat the Rays and the Yankees aren’t going to lose to the terrible Red Sox. I think the Yankees will get the home field advantage, not because they are the better team, but because of the easier schedule.
Now, once the playoffs start the first game is going to be A’s vs. Orioles. I think the Orioles will win that one game playoff and advance to the next round in take on the Yankees. Now, for the Rangers and Tigers this series is going to be my upset pick. I have the Tigers winning in 4 games. The Tigers pitching is too deep with Justin Verlander, Doug Fister, and Max Scherzer. Then in the last division series, the Yankees vs. Orioles, I have the Yankees winning in 3 games just because their hitting is just too over powering for the O’s starting pitching. So the championship series is going to be Tigers vs. Yankees. I have the Tigers winning in seven games just because they get Verlander pitching in 2 to 3 games. So my pick for the American League is the Tigers. Now, you maybe wondering, “But Hank, they have the least amount of wins of playoff teams!” Well, they also have some of the best pitching, and when you have the Triple Crown winner, in Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder hitting three and four for you, you’ll have a good chance of winning. So, those are my picks for the American League.